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Here are just a few suggestions for your Yellowstone Family Vacation (5+ summer days)


Day One


Visit Big Springs, Johnny Sack Cabin, Upper and Lower Mesa Falls, Harriman Ranch and Yellowstone Playhouse Theater.



Day Two


Spend a Day in West Yellowstone. Possible activities include: shopping, Yellowstone IMAX Theatre, Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center, Dinner and the Play Mill Theatre.



Day Three


Tour the South Loop of Yellowstone National Park.



Day Four


Tour the North Loop of Yellowstone National Park.



Day Five

Enjoy rafting, canoeing or fishing on the beautiful Snake River.


If you are staying over the weekend and would like to attend worship services on Sunday, you will find two churches right in the area. Little Church in the Pines, an interdenominational church and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. All faiths are welcome at both churches.


So, what are you waiting for! Give us a call and reserve a few days or weeks in this wonderful Yellowstone Family Cabin!

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